Telemedical Services

We understand that access to quality medical care should be both convenient and flexible. Our Telemedical Services leverage technology to bridge the gap between medical professionals and patients, offering virtual consultations, diagnoses, and support from the comfort of your own space

Our Telemedical Services Brings

healthcare to your fingertips

The Telemedical platform offers tele and video consultations with specialist Doctors in various fields of Medicine. This innovative platform in Nigeria, brings about a change in outpatient consultation, leveraging technology through telemedicine, all Nigerians, wherever they are located, now have access to premium healthcare services. Although, the current realities placed by the global COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for telemedicine intervention as patients have become more reluctant to visit hospitals due to the fear of exposure to the virus; Telemedical platform is a strategic long-term initiative of Trioses Memorial Hospital that will continue to serve its purpose even beyond the pandemic. Consult us by downloading below link from google playstore mainly Android users

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